„Thomas Oetzmann hat mir geholfen meine Rolle als Unternehmerin klarer zu definieren und auszuüben. Genial war für mich die Kombination seiner Fähigkeiten im Coaching und seine Erfahrung aus dem Management eines Wirtschaftsunternehmens.“

Anna S. , Deutschland

„Thomas Oetzmann’s extensive international experience enables him to provide insightful suggestions about complex multi-cultural and multi-ethnic organizations and communities which helped me know how to better structure the community and work with the strengths of the team.  His positive and encouraging assistance helps one focus on how to improve rather than simply see the obstacles.  I strongly recommend him to anyone in such a community or organization!“

Jonathan W. , Austria

“Thomas is a high energy and passionate result oriented business leader cum coach. He demonstrates strong commitment on every activity he does / involves. Having a large corporate practical experience, he combines entrepreneurial spirit and management philosophy in to his coaching style and creates a great differentiation which really brings a paradigm shift in the thinking and executing process. I benefitted stronlgy out of the coaching. I wish him great success”

 Sujar Jacob, MCC Kazakhstan

„Ein Teamkonflikt hatte uns tief erschüttert. Durch die kompetente, freundliche, fachlich versierte und den Menschen zugewandte Art von Thomas Oetzmann ist eine neues Miteinander möglich geworden.“

Thomas H.